Commercial Services

Operations and Maintenance 
We offer a full range of preventive maintenance, service and repair.  24-hour service and repairs are available tthrough our preventive maintenance agreements individually structured to meet your particular requirements. 

System Design and Installation
At Cleveland Air Comfort, we are proud of our ability to evaluate underperforming systems and offer creative, effective solutions to increase comfort and reliability.  We are well versed in the practice of heating, air conditioning and ventilating warehouse and manufacturing facilities as well as homes and offices.
We provide full and partial upgrade, modification and/or replacement of your existing HVAC equipment.  We can assist you with selecting the best choice in products and design to meet your needs for a comfortable, healthy and productive workplace enviroment.
We offer free estimates for new equipment sales.

Maintenace Tips
Routine maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment can help to control utilities cost, increase comfort and reliability.
Regular filter replacement, or cleaning of electronic air cleaner cells assures the best possible results for safe, reliable and efficient operation of your system.
System checks
Keep the area around your heating unit and hot water tank free of combustible materials, papers, card board boxes, etc.  Be familiar with the need for adequate combustion air for your unit.  Avoid storing or using paint, thinners, cleaning agents or refinishing products in unventilated locations around your equipment. 
Be aware of changes in the operation of your system.  Often times, a phone call to a trusted friend can help answer concerns.  Let Cleveland Air Comfort be that trusted friend.